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Hospital Care Just for Kids

The best care for kids, right in your own backyard

From top-notch pediatricians who deliver well-child care and help for coughs, bumps and bruises, to specialists who can tackle medical challenges that need more serious attention, parents can feel better knowing the region's most trusted pediatric care is right in their own backyard.





Lowell General Hospital's innovative partnership with the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center brings together the area's most trusted pediatric physicians, world-class specialists and surgeons to provide exceptional care for children and infants north of Boston. Whether it's pediatric surgery at the main hospital, convenient outpatient services at the Surgery Center or The Tufts Pediatric Specialty Center at Lowell General Chelmsford, or an inpatient stay at The Children's Place, your little ones are in expert hands.

Getting ready for surgery

The thought of surgery can be scary for anyone. The Preparing for Surgery program at Lowell General Hospital helps young patients (and their parents) to feel comfortable and confident about their upcoming elective procedure. Before the surgery date, kids are invited to a dress rehearsal with a child-size "patient" Surgi-Sam, a stuffed monkey. Led by pediatric surgical nurses, children dress up as surgeons and preview the steps they will take – including pre-op, the operating room (OR) and the recovery room – experiencing the sights and sounds along the way.

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"The program really helps with the jitters that everyone tends to feel," says general surgeon Michael Jiser, MD, of Lowell Surgical Associates. "Parents know what their child will see and do, and they are better able to provide reassurance before and after surgery. We find that the kids who participate in this program are more comfortable coming in and tend to do better afterward as well."

"Surgi-Sam [is] a crucial tool for small children undergoing surgery for the first time," comments the mother of three-year-old Victoria who went through the Preparing for Surgery program. "It provides a secure and safe foundation for children that lasts a lifetime – what a smart and fun program!"

On the day of surgery, at both the main hospital and the surgery center, a hand-in-hand approach to care is used to begin and end things with a familiar face. A pediatric nurse welcomes the parent and child and brings them to the surgical area. A parent may accompany their child into the OR until surgery begins so that mom or dad's face is the last they see before "going to sleep." Then parents can be together with their child in the recovery room after surgery.

Any child who is scheduled for a procedure at the Surgery Center at Lowell General Chelmsford or the main hospital may attend this free Preparing Your Child for Surgery program. Reservations are required, please call 978-275-1300 to sign up as soon as your child is scheduled for surgery.

The Children's Place

The 20-bed kid-friendly pediatric inpatient unit at Lowell General Hospital helps ease the anxiety of a hospital stay and makes planned surgery at the main hospital more relaxed for both parents and children. With safety, comfort, and medical expertise at the center of caring, the Children's Place provides outstanding, compassionate care tailored to the unique needs of young patients.

Pediatric hospitalists – physicians who manage the care of hospitalized children – are a constant presence. Since your child's pediatrician cannot be on-site around the clock, an innovative partnership with Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center provides trained specialists 24/7 for those admitted to the hospital or who arrive to the Trauma Center and Emergency Department. These doctors work closely with your child's pediatrician and specialists to ensure coordinated care.

And, should your child need advanced or intensive care, this partnership ensures a fast and seamless transfer to Floating Hospital's Boston campus.

Other features of The Children's Place:

  • Rooms have over-stuffed chairs that unfold into twin-sized beds so parents can stay overnight.
  • Each room is equipped with a television and Internet connection. Our Skylight Access® Interactive Patient System provides free family movies and computer games.
  • A family room, stocked with toys, television/DVD player and video library, offers a place for patients and families to relax together.
  • The high-tech security system limits guests on the floor to family and friends, and keeps
    adventuresome children safe and sound.

Pediatric surgery is performed at Lowell General's main campus and at the Surgery Center at Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus. Procedures range from appendix removal and hernia repairs, to orthopedic and ear, nose and throat surgery, dental, eye and plastic surgery.

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