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Phase II: Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

On the Road to Heart Health

Cardiac patients may begin the Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Lowell General Hospital after discharge from the hospital or following a doctor's order to reduce risk factors for cardiac disorders, adjust to illness, or participate in a supervised therapeutic exercise program. You will need a referral and/or prescription from your Primary Care Physician or Cardiologist to begin this program. It is a covered service for most medical plans, Medicare and Medicaid services.

This 8-12 week, fully supervised and structured exercise and education program is designed to help recover from heart attacks, stent implants, and other interventional procedures by safely returning to an active life, implementing behavior changes and prevent future cardiovascular problems.

Getting you moving

For eight to twelve weeks, you will participate in a one-hour exercise session, three times a week. Each session is supervised by a specialized professional staff of cardiac nurses and exercise physiologist trained in exercise therapy for heart disease. You will wear a heart monitor so that the staff can watch heart activity during exercise and adjust your exercise as needed in a supervised, monitored environment. Should a problem arise, the staff is trained in advanced life support and has the hospital's emergency care team and services available within seconds to respond.

Getting you healthy

Rehabilitation is more than just exercise — it brings you a full range of services to help you get and stay healthy. Nutrition and dietary plans are set up with our registered dietitians to meet your needs. There is additional support to manage other related health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Education classes provide sound advice and guidance to understanding heart conditions, treatments and procedures, properly managing medications, selecting and preparing foods, reducing risk factors, living with congestive heart failure, and other topics that relate to living well with a heart condition.

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