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Lowell General Hospital Makes Top 100 National Ranking for Year Three

Third year on Cleverley + Associates' Top 100 Community Value Providers for financial efficiency and quality

July 20, 2009 - Lowell, Mass. - For the third consecutive year, Lowell General Hospital was ranked as a Top 100 Community Value Provider by Cleverley + Associates, one of the country's leading consulting and research firms, specializing in healthcare financial and operational studies.

"As a community hospital we have a long-standing commitment to providing exceptional quality for our local patients. Our ability to deliver a high-level of care at an excellent value amid the challenges of healthcare and economic landscapes is something we are proud of," said Normand E. Deschene, President and Chief Executive Officer. "We are honored that Cleverley + Associates recognized the success of our organization to efficiently deliver a high-level of service with cost-effectiveness to our patients."

"The topic of hospital value is increasingly being discussed. Issues of pricing and community benefit have been well-publicized but little has been offered to measure the broad scope of value. In response, the Community Value Index® was created to provide an assessment of a hospital's performance in four areas: financial strength and reinvestment, cost of care, pricing, and quality. The CVI suggests that a hospital provides value to the community when it is financially viable, is appropriately reinvesting back into the facility, maintains a low cost structure, has reasonable charges, and provides high quality care to patients," adds Cleverley founder James Cleverley.

In the past few years, Lowell General Hospital has received a strong vote of confidence from Moody's Investor Services, which has earned the hospital and "A" bond rating. In 2009 the hospital elevated its position on the Boston Business Journal's 25 Largest Hospitals, due in part to strategic growth and sound financial planning.


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