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Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus

Bringing Advanced Healthcare Into the Community

We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art, outpatient facility, featuring the expertise, convenience and service you expect from Lowell General Hospital. Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus offers day surgery, the Center for Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery, Tufts Pediatric Specialty Center, and a host of physician offices, right in Chelmsford, at 10, 14 and 20 Research Place in the Drum Hill Technology Park, just off Route 3 at the Drum Hill interchange.

The Surgery Center at Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus

At Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus, you will find The Surgery Center, the area's only outpatient day surgery facility. The Surgery Center offers a local, private facility for surgical procedures that do not require an overnight stay. The Surgery Center offers the expertise of Lowell General surgeons in a pleasant, convenient location, and is equipped for a wide range of surgical procedures including the following:

• General surgery
• Gynecological surgery
• Orthopedics and sports medicine surgery
• Podiatric (foot) surgery
• Cosmetic and plastic surgery
• Urological surgery

For more information, call 978-275-1300, or ask your doctor if the Surgery Center is right for you. Or visit the Day Surgery at Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus page on this web site.

The Center for Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery

The Center for Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery is committed to a sensitive, personalized program to meet the unique needs of each individual, before and after surgery. The highly experienced bariatric specialists Dr. Michael Jiser, Dr. Roy Shen and Dr. Rebecca Shore and their nursing team have performed more than 700 successful surgeries. Their team also includes dietitians, counselors, educators and other bariatric specialists.

The Center offers free weight management information sessions the first Tuesday of each month. Please call 978-788-7200 for more information. Or visit the Center for Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery page on this web site.

The Tufts Pediatric Specialty Center

A new partnership with the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center brings the expertise of some of Boston's top pediatric specialists to Lowell General Hospital's Chelmsford Campus. The Tufts Pediatric Specialty Center gives your child access to advanced care at a convenient outpatient center close to home. Specialties include Pediatric Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Neurology, and Developmental-Behavioral.

Ask your pediatrician if the Tufts Pediatric Specialty Center is right for your child. For more information, call 978-937-NEMC (6362) or visit

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