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Merrimack Valley Moms Hosting New Blog Contest

Lowell General Hospital and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center are sponsoring the Merrimack Valley Moms Blog Contest from August 24, 2011 to October 7, 2011. All area mothers are invited to enter. The contest will culminate with four to six moms winning $250 each and being selected as featured mommy bloggers for the Merrimack Valley Region.

To enter the contest, visit Lowell General Hospital's Facebook page and become a fan by clicking the Like button. Upload a video or post a short essay on why you'd be a great mommy blogger. If your post is persuasive - whether it's funny, touching or engaging - you could be one of four area moms selected.

Each featured blogger will write at least one post a month. The topics will vary greatly, depending on the personalities of the bloggers and their range of daily experiences in the community. Some of their blog posts will come in the form of video posts. The bloggers will meet in person every other month at 'blogger brunches' to share ideas and brainstorm upcoming topics.

The Merrimack Valley Moms Blog has been very active for just over a year, with nearly 22,000 visitors checking out local, mom-specific posts from featured area bloggers selected from a similar contest held last spring. Selected moms this time around will join Meredith McKay, Tiffany MacKay, Sabina Chen and Amy Dienta as featured bloggers at

"Today, mommy bloggers, including ours, are some of the most influential communicators online. Women are choosing to follow them because they are writing about real-life as a mother, wife, provider, child of older parents, professional mom, or a combination of these," says Michelle Davis, Lowell General Hospital's Director of Marketing Operations and Community Development. "And we're excited to welcome new mommy bloggers and fresh perspectives to"

In addition to the bloggers chosen from the community, two bloggers will be selected from Lowell General's employee base. With Lowell General and Floating Hospital for Children as the two sponsors of the blog, readers can expect to find an abundance of helpful health information as an important ingredient in the forum's content.

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