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Lowell General Hospital and Saints Medical Center Announce Affiliation

Lowell General Hospital and Saints Medical Center today announced that they have agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the goal of having the two hospitals affiliate with each other.

Victor Poirier, chairman, Saints Board of Trustees, said, "We believe that an affiliation with Lowell General Hospital will serve the needs of this institution and the Greater Lowell community now and in the future. By joining with Lowell General, Saints will be able to thrive and succeed for the long-term."

The two organizations emphasized that an affiliation will promote the delivery of high quality health care in the community at lower cost, by allowing the hospitals to utilize their resources in the most effective and efficient way, eliminating duplication of services and redundant capital spending on new technology and equipment and improving their ability to deliver more integrated and coordinated care. The combination of Saints and Lowell General will lead to improved coordination of care, both within the hospitals and between the hospitals and community physicians, the hospitals said.

"Combining our strengths will enhance our ability to recruit and retain the best doctors and nurses, expand our capacity to deliver highly specialized care, and coordinate our community outreach efforts to improve the health and wellness of the community," said Norm Deschene, President and CEO of Lowell General.

"It ensures continued local control of these two vital institutions and strengthening our missions of expanding access to healthcare, especially to those most in need in the community," said Margaret Palm, Chair of the Board of Lowell General Hospital.

"An affiliation with Lowell General meets the need of Saints for a strong financial partner and one that also respects the mission of the hospital," said Stephen J. Guimond, Saints President and CEO, "Under the memorandum of understanding the hospitals are committed to maintaining two hospital campuses, which would then be under the direction of a new corporation and board of directors, comprised of equal representation from the current Lowell General and Saints boards."

With this announcement the two hospitals will now enter a period in which they will exchange confidential information and negotiate issues related to their integration.

"We are absolutely convinced that these discussions will lead to a new local healthcare system that will be second-to-none," said Deschene.

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