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Every Penny Counts

Joseph (Joey) Nagel of Lowell may only be six years old, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do with all the pennies he saved. Most kids have their sights set on a new toy or a video game, but Joey had something else in mind.

Penny BoyRemembering his older sister, Jarissma, who passed away from cancer when she was only nine and he was two, he told his mother, Julie, he wanted to give his pennies to people with cancer. She had expected him to tell her he wanted a toy. Instead he thought of others – and not a passing idea. He continued to tell her what he wanted to do with his piggy bank. The youngster had painted a clown piggy-bank to collect his coins which was nearly full when he made the delivery with his mother, grandmother and baby sister to the Cancer Center at Lowell General in mid-December.

Six-year old Joey Nagel (left) of Lowell presents his penny-filled piggy bank to Claudia Rupp (right), director of the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital as his gift for cancer patients. His donation will be part of the 2011 TeamWalk for CancerCare funds raised to assist those facing cancer in the local community.

While the Cancer Center does not treat children with cancer, Joey’s gift will help people right here in Lowell as part of the TeamWalk for CancerCare fundraising efforts. Families with members of all ages from newborn to nineties participate in raising money for the TeamWalk, but Joey is the youngest direct donor so far.

With the spirit of giving by this little boy, we can all be moved to do something for others.

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