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Visiting Hours

We welcome you visitors to Lowell General Hospital. To ensure peace and rest for you and other patients, we ask that visitors adhere to the following visiting hours:

Intensive Care Unit

Immediate family only; 24 hours/day - 5 to 10 minutes each hour.

Intermediate Care Unit

Two visitors per patient; 1pm - 8pm. As in ICU, we may need to limit visitation due to the patient's needs.

Labor and Delivery Unit

Limited to two support people while the mother is in labor. Grandparents and siblings my visit after the delivery of the baby.

Mother/Infant Unit

Father, children and grandparents anytime; Other visitors: 1pm - 8pm.

Medical/Surgical units

1pm - 8pm.

The Children's Place (pediatrics)

Parents: anytime; Other visitors: 1pm - 8pm.

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