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Strategies for Anxiety Management

Attendees at this introduction to Strategies of Anxiety Management will learn to use the basic principles of self-hypnosis: deep relaxation, slow breathing, constructive affirmations, and guided imagery. Then we will present the class with a variety of mind-over-body techniques that can bring understanding and better control to anxiety issues. The four fundamentals of self-hypnosis will be taught as reinforcers in this introductory talk that explores healthy management options to anxiety habits. 

Tuesday, November 27th, 6:00-7:30pm in the Clark Auditorium

About the Presenter

Thomas G. Maher trained as a Certified Hypnotherapist at the Winchester Hospital, and has done additional training through the Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis. In his private practice in Melrose he specializes in the treatment of anxiety, stress, fears, habit-breaking, and self-sabotage issues. He trains all of his clients in the techniques of self-hypnosis and in the many healthy benefits of relaxation and quieting techniques. Here in the Lowell General's Mind Body Programs, he teaches the six-week seminar "Anger Management Training with Self-Hypnosis" He has also given evening talks here on "Techniques of Stress Management" and "Life Management" with emphases on self-hypnosis. 

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