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Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 3Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 3

Karen, Tina, Rich and Cooky show appreciation for all of the wonderful people who make a difference at the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management.

Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 2Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 2

Don, Roberta, Jodie and Ricardo know that hard work can lead to great results when utilizing the tools offered by the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management.

Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 1Center for Weight Mgt, Success Stories 1

Kaitlin, Art, Johanna and Brenda express gratitude to the Lowell General Hospital Center for Weight Management for changing their lives and helping them make healthy lifestyle changes.

Comprehensive Weight Management Program for Teens

Center for Youth Wellness

The Center for Youth Wellness is a teen weight management program that is coming to Greater Lowell, courtesy of the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, in partnership with Lowell General Hospital and the Greater Lowell Family YMCA.

It's not always easy in today's world to practice healthy eating and physical activity habits. That's why the Center for Youth Wellness offers fun and interactive wellness programs to support teens in becoming balanced, active and mindful young people. In a group setting, 11-18 year-olds learn how a balanced lifestyle can lead to improved health, weight, and self-confidence.

The program includes a 2-visit assessment and a 10-week teen group program:

  • Assessment Visit in Boston - Teens and parents meet with a physician, behaviorist, and dietitian for a two-visit assessment. The first assessment visit is 1.5 hours and takes place on a Wednesday morning. The second assessment visit is 20-30 minutes and occurs 2-3 weeks later. During this visit, we share findings from the first assessment and discuss eligibility for the group program.
  • Teen Groups in Lowell - Groups take place at the Greater Lowell Family YMCA and run for 10 weeks after school on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30pm. During each session, teens will learn about nutrition, stress reduction, and behavior change. There's also a dedicated time period for participating in physical activity. Teens get a free 10-week membership to attend the Greater Lowell Family YMCA during their group program.

Here is what participants have to say:

"This program was a great success. I was able to learn something that actually worked. I noticed that I was losing pounds. I was able to meet people with the same problem as me and we were able to help one another out. I'm glad I joined the program. I truly recommend it." -GNC -

"I made amazing friends and had great discussions. Through this program, I learned how to lead a  healthy lifestyle, and that I am not in it alone." - DTK -

For questions about this program, or to schedule an appointment, please call 617-636-3381 or visit the Center for Youth Wellness web page to learn more.

Click here to download a Tufts Center for Youth Wellness Comprehensive Weight Management Program flyer as your reminder.

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