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Maternal/Fetal Medicine Program

Fortunately, few women face the potential of having a high-risk pregnancy. Most pregnancies go smoothly from conception to delivery. However, the risk of a troubled pregnancy is very real for some women. The experienced Maternal/Fetal Medicine team at Lowell General Hospital in collaboration with Tufts Medical Center of Boston has specially trained Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist (perinatologists) who provide care for high-risk pregnancies. This specialized program provides outpatient and inpatient counseling and diagnostic services through an affiliation with Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center.

High-risk pregnancies generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Women who have medical problems before becoming pregnant usually know from the start that their pregnancies will need special attention. These might include women with high blood pressure, diabetes, or autoimmune conditions.
  • On occasion, otherwise healthy women develop serious medical problems during pregnancy. High blood pressure and diabetes (high blood sugar) that are limited to pregnancy are the most common problems.
  • Sometimes problems may arise that are specific to the pregnancy itself. These include premature labor, multiple pregnancies, placenta previa and congenital anomalies.

The Maternal Fetal Medicine program at Lowell General Hospital includes outpatient prenatal diagnostic ultrasound and procedures such as Nuchal Translucency Screening, amniocentesis, as well as genetic counseling and counseling about issues related to high-risk pregnancies. Working together with the expectant mom's physician, Maternal/Fetal Medicine gives women and their babies the best opportunity for a full-term, healthy delivery.

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