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Press Release Archive (2016)

The Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital Brings Cancer Risk Assessment, including Genetic Testing, to Greater Lowell

Lowell, MA -- Lowell General Hospital now offers a Cancer Risk Assessment program to patients throughout Greater Lowell to help assess cancer susceptibility. Individuals with a personal diagnosis of cancer or a family history of cancer can now receive genetic counseling and testing at The Cancer Center at Lowell General, through the hospital's partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. The Cancer Risk Assessment program, which can include a genetic testing component, can identify whether someone has a genetic mutation, which may predispose to cancer.

"Recent discoveries in cancer research now make it possible to detect genetic mutations that can lead to specific types of cancer. This finding can allow doctors to treat such cancers more effectively, and it helps them identify other family members who are at risk," says Dr. Murat Anamur, Medical Director of the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital. "We are honored to be able to bring such leading-edge services to Lowell through our relationship with Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center."

According to Dr. Anamur, only about 5-10 percent of cancer is passed from parent to child through a genetic change or mutation. Having a change or mutation does not always lead to cancer. However, detection of a gene mutation can help individuals and their health care teams make personalized decisions about screening, prevention and lifestyle that could help protect them from the disease, or help detect cancer early, when it is easiest to treat.

The Cancer Risk Assessment program is the newest addition to the range of services at The Cancer Center at Lowell General including screening, prevention, education, treatment and support.

"Lowell General Hospital is a respected and valued health care resource for its community," says Thomas J. Lynch, MD, chief of the Division of Hematology-Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital. "We appreciate the opportunity to work with them toward the common goal of ensuring that the highest quality health care - from preventive services to specialized tertiary services - continues to be accessible and available to patients and families in the greater Lowell area."

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