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Our Five Pillars of Excellence

No building can be held up by only one post, one pillar. It takes a number of supports to make an institution sound.

Likewise, it takes a number of goals to achieve a healthy organization. It is not enough for a hospital to be financially successful. It is not enough, even, to have outstanding patient satisfaction. We must also be a great place to work and practice medicine. We must constantly grow to meet our patients' needs and measurably improve the health of our community. And of course, the quality of our services and care must be the best.

When we dream of tomorrow, we describe our vision in vivid detail. We begin with a foundation based on five pillars:

People: To be the employer of choice. To develop and support a culturally diverse, competent, motivated and productive workforce. To recruit and retain highly competent physicians to meet hospital/patient needs.

Experience: To provide an environment in which patients, families, employees and physicians are highly satisfied. To provide an experience for patients that exceeds expectations.

Quality: To provide quality health care that can be defined, measured and published. To enforce and invest in a pervasive culture of safety and make zero errors. To offer programs, contemporary facilities and state-of-the-art technology. To lead the community in improving community health status and access to care.

Financial: To be financially successful, to support advancing the mission and vision. To be operationally efficient. To offer unquestionable value to payers and consumers.

Growth: To be the hospital of choice for the community and physicians in the Lowell General Hospital service area offering a broad depth and breadth of services.

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