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2014 Cupola Award Winners

We are honored to recognize the following dedicated Lowell General leaders as the 2014 Cupola Award winners. We would also like to thank them for their dedication to their staff, their profession and to Lowell General.

Maria Boisvert, RT (R)(VI), Supervisor, Interventional Radiology, Main Campus

Maria has been with Lowell General for over 15 years. Maria’s nomination highlighted her strong work ethic and desire to continually improve herself and her department. She leads by example and takes great care when dealing with patients and families to make sure they are comfortable and understand what is going to happen. She always starts the day with a team huddle of techs, nurses and physicians to discuss the upcoming day, and she never ends a day without saying thank you to the team for their hard work. Maria also encourages her staff to continue their education as she feels it enhances their professional development and the knowledge transfer can also help the department, the hospital and our patients. She takes time to mentor and teach her staff, and makes sure to ask staff for their ideas on improving the patient experience. Most importantly, Maria loves her job and it reflects positively in everything she does.

Carol Entwistle, CCS, Manager, HIM Coding and Document Improvement

Carol joined Lowell General two years ago. She is known for her encouragement, positive attitude and consistent communication with her staff. Carol’s nomination described her desire to make sure that her staff feels supported by her. She has an open door policy and encourages staff to speak openly and honestly to create the best outcome. Carol always seeks staff input and makes sure to acknowledge their efforts and contributions. She is a strong proponent for collaboration; she implemented a program for clinical documentation nurses and inpatient coders to work together in order to create physician education. Carol also made sure that her team had all the necessary resources to educate and support them during the initial ICD-10 changes.

Gayle Hincks, RN, OCN, BSN, NE-BC, Clinical Research Manager, The Cancer Center

Gayle joined The Cancer Center over six years ago. She came to Lowell General and gave new life to the clinical cancer trials program by working with tertiary care centers and pharmaceutical companies. She did so well that her area expanded and she was able to bring on two new staff members. She has been described as authentic, optimistic, outstanding and indispensable to The Cancer Center. Gayle maintains open communication with her staff and makes sure to give them positive feedback and heartfelt thanks for their hard work. She makes sure to involve her employees in important decisions and makes them feel that she has full confidence in their abilities. She also encourages her employees to get involved in the hospital through various committees and networking opportunities. Gayle’s nominators said that she is an exceptional role model for her employees.

Heather Lanier, BSN, RN, Clinical Manager of the Administrative Coordinators

Heather has been with Lowell General for 25 years. She always rises to the challenges of the day with grace. Heather is known as being approachable, professional and absolutely selfless with a true desire to always do what is best for the patients. She has a transparent leadership style and is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her staff. She even calls in to check on her staff on her day off and makes sure to express her gratitude of her staff’s hard work every single day. In addition, Heather has an innate ability to recognize each of her staff’s strengths and cultivates those to the fullest, and she has never asked them to do anything that she would not do herself. Her staff says that the best measure of her respect for them is the amount of respect that they have for her. She lets her staff be who they truly are and encourages them to shine.

Kelly MacDonald, MSN, RN, CNML, Clinical Manager, ICC/PCU, Main Campus

Kelly has been with Lowell General for six years. She does everything with heart and dedication because she truly cares about what she does and who does it with her. Kelly always makes time to listen to her staff. No matter where she is headed or what she is doing, Kelly will stop and give her undivided attention. It is very clear that she cares for her staff – professionally and personally. She still thinks like a critical care nurse who is on the floor and makes sure that she continually helps staff hone their skills. Kelly will sit with them and help troubleshoot scenarios to improve patient care outcomes. Her staff said that she is the reason that organizations have awards like these. She is the backbone of the unit and is the reason why her staff is the family that they are. Her staff even commented that if they were to ever work for another manager at Lowell General after working for Kelly, that manager would have some big shoes to fill.

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