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2009 Cupola Award Winners

We are honored to recognize the following dedicated Lowell General leaders as the 2009 Cupola Award winners. We would also like to thank them for their dedication to their staff, their profession and to Lowell General.

Mary Chamberlain, Specialized Billing Supervisor, Patient Accounts

Mary has been with Lowell General Hospital for over 32 years, joining us in 1977 as a Dietary Aid, then working her way up through the Patient Accounting ranks, becoming Charge Entry Coordinator in 1981. Twelve years later, in 1993, Mary moved into the role of Specialized Billing Coordinator and in 2004, Mary was promoted to her current role as Specialized Billing Supervisor.

Mary is generous leader who brings out the best in her team with consistent praise and encouragement. Whether a quick email or the personal notes she sends to her staff’s homes, she is sure to let them know their hard work is noticed. Mary is a ‘roll her sleeves up’ kind of manager, who does not hesitate to take on her share of the workload. She is known to support her staff in their daily work and is always willing to pitch in to help, and considers Lowell General Hospital a second home to Mary. Her Lowell General Hospital family is important to her, and she shows genuine concern for all issues, personal and professional, that affect her staff and co-workers. She is caring, leads by example, an always goes above and beyond for her staff.

Mary does not hesitate to praise and thank staff, and is sure to bring staff accomplishments to the attention of her manager. Her staff says, “Mary supports us in our daily work and is always willing to pitch in to help. We appreciate having her as a supervisor every day! Mary will never say ‘It’s not my job!’ She will do anything to get a claim processed and paid. Lowell General Hospital is very fortunate to have someone so dedicated working in their organization."

Amanda MacFadgen, Manager, Marketing & Public Relations

Call her poised, call her composed, her staff calls her “cool as a cucumber” in times of deadlines and pressure...and that’s on a slow day. The Marketing/Public Relations Department handles over a thousand internal and external communications per year, and Amanda proves time and time again that she can direct and delegate so it all gets done. Often, the team has to handle urgent matters that have to be addressed with the media, or time-sensitive communications projects. Essentially, the department always has to expect the unexpected! Amanda’s calm demeanor and leadership make her an ideal role model.

Manager since 2006, Amanda instills confidence in every member of her staff, making them want to put forth their best effort on any project. Her staff says, “Amanda knows our talents, where we can excel, and challenges us to take on new projects independently. She directs and teaches our team, and involves us in the “big picture strategy that is necessary for us to perform our jobs well. When hit with the most challenging projects, Amanda gives us confidence and ‘can-do’ attitude.”

She may have a smaller team than some managers, but her efforts and management supports every service area of the hospital. Her staff wrote, “We have a unique team of very creative individuals in our department, and under the most critical deadlines or chaotic days, we’ll find some wacky sense of humor to lighten up the day. Amanda is a boss that will laugh along with us; she inspires a cohesive team with complimentary personalities.”

Amanda is often the face and voice of Lowell General. She excels in managing the image we have in the community. She also represents everything that a good manager should be: supportive, understanding, critical yet motivational, respectful and a pleasure to work with.

Mickey Martinez, Supervisor, Radiology

Hired as a student tech in 1987, Mickey Martinez has been with Lowell General Hospital for 22 years. Mickey shined as a student and was soon hired as a Radiology Tech in a year later. In 1993 Mickey moved into a Senior Tech role and in 2000, she was promoted to department Supervisor.

Throughout her nomination, her commitment to her staff as a coach and mentor is evident. The motto under Mickey’s leadership is “learn one, do one and teach one”. She goes out of her way to help, with the understanding that each her staff learns different in ways. She also encourages her team to work this way with each other as well. Everyone is growing to better themselves and the department. Mickey is caring in her approach. Her staff says, “If there was something that any of us can do better to perform our job, she will go out of her way, in a respectfully way, and talk to us in private.”

Her communication with staff is outstanding and they believe she is very proud of each member of the Radiology Department. “Mickey is like our mother. She knows what each one of us can do and she will be the first one to stick her neck for anyone of us. She makes each one of us feels special in different ways, feeling that we are needed for our jobs.”

Mickey’s dedication to patient care makes her an outstanding role model to her staff. “Our supervisor is a warrior!” they say. “She will work until every patient is completed and satisfied. She always gets a smile from every patient regardless of the situation.” If someone was to be out and we were short of people, she will do that job gladly, anything to get the job done putting always patients first. Her staff says that her dedication and humbleness towards them and their patients is “amazing”.

Denise Roy, Clinical Manager, ACU & Endoscopy

Denise has been with Lowell General Hospital for 28 years, joining us as an RN in 1981. In 2004, she became Clinical Manager of the Ambulatory Care Unit and in 2007 she was asked to lead the Endoscopy unit as well. Even in managing multiple departments, Denise always offers her staff meaningful support.

Her staff sings her praises, noting that “Denise is available to us at all times. She lets us know she is always just a beeper away and she returns our pages with surprising quickness.” She is known to extend herself beyond the hospital walls, supporting her staff during trying personal times, sharing with them her cell, home and beeper numbers so they can reach her when needed.

Denise always shows encouragement and gratitude. “She never fails to comment to staff members that have gone the extra mile.” Denise demonstrates respect by fully listening to our comments, concerns and suggestions. She fully appreciates and understands how each individual’s job helps the unit function. She always responds with “OK, how are WE going to do this?” She sticks with the problem until it is resolved. She always includes us in the problem solving process. Denise always asks for suggestions and allows staff to brainstorm.

Barbara Sheehan, Supervisor, Patient Financial Services

Barbara is another long-time employee, joining Lowell General Hospital family in 1990. She is supervisor of the Patient Financial Service department overseeing the Financial Specialists, Financial Counselors, Secretaries and Cashier’s Office Barbara’s staff refers to her as “the ultimate supervisor”, and sees her as someone who is happy to go above and beyond her role. She is known to help out as a cashier one day and a financial counselor the next on top of her own responsibilities as supervisor.

Her staff values her hands-on style. Each day she will go around to all her staff with a sunny “Good morning!” and “what can I do to help?” attitude. They know they can count on her bright smile and infectious energy. Barbara engages her team in the office and outside as well, encouraging them to join her in our annual TeamWalk and leading her Spring Into Action team, “Barbie’s Girls”.

Under Barbara’s leadership, her staff knows they are an important part of decision making process. “Barbara always listens to what her staff has to say and takes all suggestions for improvements.” Communication lines are always open with Barbara. Staff believes that she sets the tone for harmony and respect in the department. She takes the time to listen and as a result, they are comfortable going to her with any question, big or small. “If we have a question and she does not know the answer, she will research it and get back to us and she makes sure everyone is aware of any and all changes.” Barbara is an excellent role model in everything she does. She wears the Lowell General Hospital logo with pride and shows pride in her staff.

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