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2008 Cupola Award Winners

We are honored to recognize the following dedicated Lowell General leaders as the 2008 Cupola Award winners. We would also like to thank them for their dedication to their staff, their profession and to Lowell General.

Maureen Belley, Senior Project Administrator, Information Services Department

Maureen has been with Lowell General Hospital for three years and for most of that time has served as the IS Project Administrator. Maureen is an inspiration to the three staff she directly manages. She is a role model for them every day as well as being “the face of IS outside the department”. They commend “Maureen’s strong sense of ownership and commitment to fellow employees which drives her to be the sole person who has the general knowledge of all activities occurring within the department" - certainly a LOT to keep track of!

Maureen’s staff highlighted the many ways she keeps her team and the tremendous work flow positive and successful. Maureen sends frequent supportive emails as well as handwritten notes and thoughtful gifts to let staff know her appreciation of a job well done and to encourage them along the often long road of a project. Maureen also keeps a well-stocked bucket of candy in her office to encourage her open door policy. Maureen is one of the Lowell General Hospital managers who know the value of sugar! Maureen values her staff by adopting a team approach and not a “finger pointing” one. She encourages participation and feedback and welcomes the input and expertise of her staff to work toward positive resolutions and move past stuck situations.

Maureen also values the hard work of her staff by promoting their use of earned time for well-deserved time off. She makes sure there is appropriate coverage and transfer of information. Yet Maureen’s staff says her commitment to Lowell General Hospital continues even when she sleeps! She will often send an email to staff with a subject line “Here are my thoughts at 3am”. We certainly applaud Maureen’s thinking outside the box and outside the day and also wish her good nights’ sleep!

Ed Bozek, Manager, Patient Financial Services Department

Ed has been with Lowell General Hospital for 29 years. The key themes of the nomination written by Ed’s staff are respect and professionalism. They wrote: “He is always positive in his actions and is a perfect example for his staff.”

Ed is a dedicated manager who shows his commitment to all Lowell General Hospital staff, as well as his own, through his participation in many initiatives to increase staff recognition and to improve staff satisfaction. Ed’s staff can come to him anytime. Instead of an atmosphere that is negative or punitive, Ed has created a positive environment in Patient Financial Services for the 14 staff he manages. His staff feel supported and valued and are proud to be part of his team.

While undoubtedly Ed is faced with stressful situations in his department, Ed handles them professionally, “behind closed doors.” He is positive with staff, “always smiling and always willing to help.” Ed encourages his staff to come up with ideas and suggestions. For instance, Brenda Wilder noticed there were a great deal of patients who came in as self pays in our emergency room but because of delays in information gathering it was often too late for Lowell General Hospital to bill the insurance company. Her suggestion prompted Ed to work with Barbara Sheehan and they came up with a process to get the information from patients much sooner. This has been a great success for all in the department as well as Lowell General Hospital.

Patty Gallagher, RN, Clinical Manager MS2, Inpatient Services Department

Patty has been with Lowell General Hospital for 23 years, and has served as a manager in several capacities since 2004. Patty’s strong leadership helped to make the transition of our TCU to MS2 smooth and positive for patients and staff. Patty supported each member of her team in making their own decisions through the transition.

Because of her unwavering dedication to her staff in that challenging time, they continue building success as a medical-surgical unit. Our MS2 patients are experiencing the benefits of Patty’s good work as well. Recently, MS2 patients scored the unit in the 90th units in the Press Ganey national database. This is quite an accomplishment for the entire team.

Patty encourages her staff to become involved hospital wide as well as in the unit and to come up with ideas. She assists them in taking ownership and implementing their ideas. Patty helps the staff be the best they can be by maintaining a creative and positive environment so that staff can let her know if there is a task or piece of equipment they are not comfortable with. Patty makes sure that she and/or the Nurse Educator can help staff expand their skill and comfort level. Her staff shares a typical story of how Patty excels as a leader.

“One day on a weekend we were at high census. Staffing was not good that day. We did not have a secretary and we were drowning. Patty came in and jumped in to help. It was like we were not only thrown a life preserver but were pulled out of the water as well.” They also write, “Patty has made it clear to staff of how proud she is of what we accomplish. I truly believe it is her respect and support for each one of us that has made us what we are today.”

Brian Horman, Manager, Distribution & Copy Center, Materials Management Department

As Manager of our Distribution and Copy Center, Brian Horman maintains the ready supply of over 1000 high turnover items needed all over the hospital – from stationery to x-ray film; from IV supplies to housekeeping supplies..... Brian manages a team of 10 that support supply distribution, the Copy Center and receiving.

Brian also lends his expertise to other members of the Materials Management department that are responsible for developing perpetual inventories at the Surgery Center at Lowell General Hospital Chelmsford and the main Lowell General Hospital Operating Room. Brian provides consistent and positive communication to his staff to let them know they are appreciated, to let them know what to expect and what is going on hospital wide. His staff can approach him to talk about anything that will help them or help the department. He knows the benefit of sugar and caffeine and provides donuts and coffee for his staff often. He is known for his joking manner that helps keep everyone in a good mood and encourages positive attitudes.

Brian’s staff admires his professionalism. They appreciate that if they are short-handed when someone is sick or on vacation, Brian will step up and fill in where needed while still doing his own job. They know that Brian will support them if an issue arises and will help correct the issue. They also see through Brian’s action his belief in Patients First in Everything We Do to make sure all supplies are here. We all appreciate Brian’s efforts on behalf of our patients and his efforts to support the work of his staff and all the staff at the hospital.

Danielle Pinard, Manager, Patient Service Center, Patient Access Department

Danielle is the Patient Service Center Manager for our Patient Access Department and has worked at Lowell General Hospital for 13 years. Danielle’s nomination contained glowing words from many of the 12 staff she manages at our two Patient Service Centers. There were some common themes and one of them is how Danielle helps lead her staff through change. We all know change is a certainty in our environment. Danielle’s staff takes the lead from her in being adaptable, flexible and accepting of change. Danielle is known for saying often, “change is good” and her staff have listened. At the same time, Danielle doesn’t let anything go by that is deserving of recognition. As one staff said, “She may observe you helping a patient by giving the extra needed to make a patient feel more comfortable or if you stayed past your shift time because we were shorthanded and she will very quietly send you an email saying “great job” or submit your name for a “Spotlight on You”. When her staff meets their goals, which is often, she expresses her pride and appreciation to everyone. Danielle’s light touch eases many potential tensions. If the system is going down or some other issue is occurring, Danielle is also known to say, “This is a piece of cake” and being available to show her staff how to use downtime registration or work through issues. She is the first person to jump in and help out if needed. Danielle’s team can call on each other for help and they never feel alone. They look to Danielle for her positive attitude; they can share ideas, ask questions and work out issues with each other. She is a true role model.

Her staff say, “When you see her interacting with a patient or co-worker, you can’t help but try to do the same thing.” She is a constant cheerleader for us – urging us to set our goals a little bit higher, keeping us apprised of changes and suggesting ways we can attain our goals. She is just positive we can’t help but strive to be better not only for her and our team, but for ourselves too.” Danielle truly lives her words to her staff to take pride in your work and responsibility for your actions.

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