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2007 Cupola Award Winners

We are honored to recognize the following dedicated Lowell General leaders as the 2007 Cupola Award winners. We would also like to thank them for their dedication to their staff, their profession and to Lowell General.

Linette Farris, Manager, Admitting/Patient Access

Linette has been the Manager of Admitting for 3 years and with Lowell General Hospital for 8 years. Linette was nominated by the 10 staff she supervises who describe her commitment to them as “unsurpassed”. When an employee did not have transportation due to unfortunate circumstances, Linette took it upon herself to provide rides for the employee and her children to work and daycare so that the employee could continue working and not miss a shift.

Linette’s staff highlighted Linette’s efforts and key involvement in the smooth transition to our Electronic Bed board system as well as her comprehensive efforts during our ELMER GO LIVE transition to ensure her staff were trained and positively motivated. They praise her for being a “proactive leader” who “constantly implements organized systems for the daily and essential tasks of our office...that create an effective, accurate and efficient job performance for all”.

Strong leaders support the growth of their staff – and Linette’s staff feels the confidence she shows in them and the encouragement and support she gives them to enhance and develop. Strong leaders also appreciate and recognize the good work of their staff – and again, Linette’s staff speaks highly of the many ways Linette demonstrates this important quality. Linette frequently takes time to create and present personalized gift bags of sweets and teas from her native home in England to thank her staff for their extra efforts and care. Linette’s pride in her work and in her staff’s work is evident. They say, “Linette’s compassion, concern and ever present efforts make us proud to be a part of her team at Lowell General.”

Linda Gaetano, Manager, Volunteer and Concierge Services

Linda is the Manager of our Volunteer and Concierge Department. She has been at Lowell General Hospital for 17 years and has been in her current role for nearly 8 years. Linda manages 10 staff and more than 400 volunteers, including our Lowell General Hospital Auxiliary. Linda had multiple nomination letters - so many they were presented in a binder, and they included a number of photos. The quantity was impressive, but even more so – was the quality of the nominations.

More than one of her nominators described how Linda puts her “heart and soul” into her job and into the many ways she appreciates and acknowledges her staff. The staff, volunteers and Auxiliary members who nominated Linda put their heart and soul into their letters and this came across loud and clear. They praise Linda’s “enviable sense of ownership toward Lowell General. She truly believes in the hospital and our mission ‘Patients First In Everything We Do”. Linda leads by example for her staff and volunteers and constantly encourages them to bring their best to patients and guests.

“The sign of a good manager,” writes one of her volunteers, “is the ability to train your staff, to make them aware of the importance of their jobs and to do it with kindness. This makes people eager to do their best.” There are countless examples Linda’s staff and volunteers can point to that show Linda being Linda. One example is when Linda was at the front desk a couple came in with a sheet for an appointment. The couple did not speak much English. Linda realized they were at the wrong hospital and instead of trying to explain it to them, she pulled her car around front and had them follow her to their correct destination.

Linda’s vision to improve patient services by create concierge services in the front lobby became a reality last year. Staff and volunteer, under Linda’s management, have helped to make this a success. Linda has focused her energy into the creation into a multitude of important projects, like our successful Sun Santa Fund. She is also a key reason that our Lowell General Hospital fundraising initiatives – our golf event and TeamWalk – are successful.

Kathy Mullen, RT®(CT), CT Scan Supervisor, Radiology

Kathleen Mullen is a Cat Scan Supervisor in our Radiology Department. Kathleen has been with Lowell General Hospital for 9 years. She began as a CT Tech and in January 2006 she was promoted to supervisor. Kathleen supervises 14 CT tech staff in the department and from their nomination letters, it is clear they think very highly of her. Kathleen’s staff appreciate that Kathleen keeps them well informed so they know what is expected of them to do well in their jobs.

Kathy’s strong communication skills have helped her staff through recent significant changes in the department, including a new 64 slice scanner and our ELMER transition. Kathy is great at solving problems. She is tactful and diplomatic. She considers all sides and information to make decisions. Her staff always feels comfortable speaking to her about anything that is going on.

Her staff notice and applaud Kathy’s growth since she took over her role as supervisor. They call her a mentor, a trainer, and a “fearless” leader. They praise her for being “courteous, respectful and for encouraging staff ideas while challenging them to improve and grow”. Kathleen appreciates and recognizes her staff for their hard work in many special ways that make a difference to her staff. Kathy is positive and caring.

One staff says, “It feels good to work for somebody who likes coming into work and who always has a smile on her face.” Another says, “I will never forget Kathy’s thoughtfulness and kindness”. Kathy gives her all every day to her work, to her staff, our patients and our hospital.

Pat Moreau, Supervisor, Environmental Services

Pat Moreau is a Supervisor in our Environmental Services Department. Pat has been an employee of Lowell General Hospital for 24 years. She began as a Housekeeper and has been a supervisor for 12 years.

For her staff, Pat’s experience as a Housekeeper means that “she knows how staff feels and wants to be treated”. Her staff say, “She respects our issues and stands behind every housekeeper through good and bad”. It is important to our hospital all the time and even more important when we are experiencing high patient volumes that our available beds are turned over quickly. When our Housekeeping staff find they are backed up and need to get 5 or 6 beds turned over at once, Pat is an effective organizer and motivator for her staff so they can get the job done.

Just as important to her staff is the fact that Pat doesn’t hesitate “to go up on the floors herself and work side by side with us, stripping beds, cleaning rooms and doing whatever it takes to get the rooms ready for our patients”.

Wally Szuksta, RN, Clinical Manager, Operating Room

Wally has been with Lowell General Hospital for 29 years. He worked as an orderly when he first started here, then went to nursing school, graduated and worked as an RN. In 2003, he became the clinical manager of our OR. Wally’s staff truly knows that he appreciates all their hard work to provide the best care possible for Lowell General Hospital patients. They know this because Wally takes the time to thank them in various ways – by letter and in person. He is proud of his staff and nominates them for awards, such as “The Best Nursing Team” which they won last year. Wally encourages staff to work together and participate in activities together to build their team. The staff walk together in the Lowell General Hospital TeamWalk for CancerCare and Wally makes sure they get special matching t-shirts.

Wally supports his staff to continue to grow in their roles, to obtain certification and additional education. He also supports them to become involved in Lowell General Hospital committees so they can be involved with their colleagues throughout the hospital and contribute to important initiatives. His staff says that “communication is one of Wally’s best qualities. He keeps staff informed about departmental and hospital changes. He asks for staff input when changes are upcoming, new equipment is going to be purchased, or new staff added”. They feel informed, listened to and valued for their ideas and opinions.

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