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Angel Santana

Information Services - Clinical Applications Team Leader (2 years plus 7 as a surgical technician in the operating room)

"The Right Tools to do the Job."  

Angel SantanaAngel may work in Information Services but he's always is involved in patient care.

He started at Lowell General in 1994 as a surgical technologist in the operating room. After stepping away to pursue a bachelor degree and then a master of science in health services administration, he returned to the hospital when it came time to find a way to combine his clinical interests with the information services skills he gained.

Angel helped to launch the hospital-wide electronic medical records system in 2007, then, he began to specialize in the many applications used for clinical care. He now manages the 70+ clinical applications that support nurses, physicians and patient care teams throughout the hospital.

How does his role with computers still help in the delivery of care? Having been on both the clinical and the technology sides, he'll tell you that the information systems used in healthcare today gives nurses and doctors the right tools to do the job and to take the best possible care of patients.

So whether he's working on an application that ensures accuracy of medication delivery or that telemonitoring on the intensive care unit is running perfectly, Angel is certain that he is making a difference in bringing the best care to the patients at Lowell General Hospital.

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